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The In operator returns a Boolean value: true if the specified property is in the specified object, or false if it is not.


  • in ([, , , ...])

In the syntax, we are checking the value of the field provided for the argument.

If the value of matches any of value arguments (, , ...) the function will return true. Otherwise, it will return false.


Cotton Grid Linen Faded Sky Jack Shirt
Find 5xx or 4xx errors, otherwise OK message

The following query:

| parse "GET * HTTP/1.1\" * * \"*\"" as url, status_code, size, referrer
| if (status_code in ("500", "501", "502", "503", "504", "505", "506", "401", "402", "403", "404"), "error", "OK message") as reason

would return results similar to:

Jack Linen Shirt Faded Sky Grid Cotton w4Tr1qw
Constructed with this season's lighter weight linen, the Jack is ideal for beachside looks. The breathable fabrication drapes effortlessly and allows for cool...